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Why Foursquare is the Most Important Channel in Your Media Mix

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Vale a visita no Interbrand Blog para conferir detalhadamente os 4 grandes motivos que levam o Foursquare a ser um bom complemento ao Mix de Estratégia Mercadológica das organizações.

Social + competitive + opt-in + location-based = a seriously winning competition

Detalhes sobre as suas características:

  1. It’s Social
  2. It’s Competitive
  3. It’s Opt-in
  4. It’s location based

“Foursquare has a unique edge in this competition space by building interaction and reward to be automatic – you get something for nothing, pretty much. If I’m going to a bar anyway, why not get some points? If I might get surprised with a deal or fun badge, why not? If I get ousted as Mayor of my favorite bar–I’m going to fight for it. Why not? Together, these are more powerful than they might seem. The low-barrier-to-entry “why not” factor + the emotionally charged, something-for-nothing incentive make it super easy to play—and super habit-forming.”